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Welcome to Barbaria!
Platforms: Quest2, Rift, Steam


Welcome to Barbaria! Enter a brutal world where visceral motion-controlled combat blends seamlessly with god-scale base-building and asynchronous multiplayer raids. Attack other players, build defenses, and equip your team as you compete to be the Mightiest in Barbaria!



Create your Realm by snapping together different tile pieces.  Equip and place minions and structures to build your defenses.


Raid other player bases in asynchronous multiplayer.  Systemic 1st Person Melee Combat offers a variety of combat styles.



Get rewards for successful attacks and defenses.  Watch replays of attacks on your base by other players, then upgrade and redeploy your forces for the next battle!


Latest Updates

Barbaria 1.0.2 Patch - February 23, 2023

Patch Notes:​

  • Fix crash on long Endless mode Ancient Trial runs

  • Add “I’m Done” button on Endless mode

  • Fix replay corruption issue causing replays not to not show up or only play partially

  • Allow re-possessing a champion before the player’s shield goes away

  • Improve bow rotation to allow full turn around with bow

  • Balance Updates: Make meteor and heal spells more powerful, Increase Gladiatrix damage, a little less health and a little less structure disable time for Krank.

  • Make arrows embedded in the player fall out after a little time

  • Allow triggers to calibrate with Oculus controllers in addition to thumbstick press

  • Fix tile boundary colliders to prevent more statue overlaps

  • Kill inactive enemies far from board after a timeout

  • Disable Options menu while in combat (can always access from god mode or when there are no enemies around)

Barbaria 1.0.1 Patch - February 20, 2023

Patch Notes:​

  • Fix statues placed over top of realms

  • Fix scenery spikes overlapping some realm layouts

  • Add “Auto Replays on Boot” toggle in Options Menu

  • Cap custom battle music tracks at 8

  • Block Krank disabling Deity Disruptor in Ring of Champions

  • Fix missing colliders on Boneyard

  • Increase champion health and damage ramp relative to enemies

Previous Updates

Barbaria 1.0 Launch - February 9, 2023

New Features:​

  • New Champion: Krank – Krank’s “Overload” divine juice power creates an energy bomb that will temporarily disable enemy structures where it explodes.

  • New Minion: Cyclotaur – Half cyclops, half minotaur, totally into smashing things. Cyclotaurs move slowly, but packs a wallop and can destroy traps and moving walls.

  • New Weapon: Sword – Did we really make it all the way through early access without a sword? Slice and stab enemies with the pointy end.

  • Cross-play with Quest2 players

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Gladiatrix Recall now has energy pulse that knocks back nearby enemies.

  • Carnival: Add Recent Players List

  • Fix Steam VR Guardian not showing up on Index

  • Endless Onslaught: Enemy wave difficulty can now increase past Level 5.

  • Matchmaking: Realm options on the map now reset after each attack to use your most recent Mightiness score and get better matches.

  • Various performance and polish improvements


  • Replay Backwards Compatibility: In order to facilitate replay crossplay across platforms, we had to make a breaking change to our replay format.  We don’t block the ability to pull up old replays from the replay stations, but Early Access players will likely notice some connectors/structures out of place if going back to review previous conquests created with the Early Access builds.

  • Virtual Desktop: PCVR Players accessing the game through Virtual Desktop on a Quest headset may notice throw targeting and velocity issues if they turn their bodies during the initial boot flow and view recentering.  Hold down the Oculus button on your right controller for 3s to recenter your view through the Quest system after booting to the Stronghold to fix throw velocities.

Future Plans

  • New Structures

  • New Fragments

  • New Weapons

  • New Champions

  • New Stronghold Stations

  • More Customization Options

  • Balance Improvements

  • Pantheons (clans) and other social features

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