Wait, who?

Hey, take it easy, we're new! Stalwart Games was founded in 2017.  Our mission is simple.  Create genre defining games  for Virtual Reality. 


We are currently in development on our first title and we would love to tell you more but, you know, confidentiality and all that... 

Stalwart is a team of industry veterans with a long history of building great motion-controlled games.  We believe that great one-to-one motion control is the most immersive  way to experience VR and we are hell-bent on demonstrating that.

We are located in beautiful Westlake Village California, nestled right up to the Santa Monica Mountains.


Our Game

Like we said everything is confidential at this point so... here are where some screenshots could be... if we could share them...

Minecraft Church

Ok sure, these are objectively not that interesting, but...



We are always looking for great Artists, Engineers and Designers!

If you're talented and passionate about game development, join us on the bleeding edge of Virtual Reality!  We are a smaller development studio so at Stalwart you will truly have an impact on shaping great games and the future of the company!

Send your resumes to


Thank you for your interest in Stalwart Games! For any inquiries please contact us today. We’ll be delighted to give you the information you need.


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