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Welcome to Barbaria!
Platforms: Quest2, Rift, Steam


Welcome to Barbaria! Enter a brutal world where visceral motion-controlled combat blends seamlessly with god-scale base-building and asynchronous multiplayer raids. Attack other players, build defenses, and equip your team as you compete to be the Mightiest in Barbaria!



Create your Realm by snapping together different tile pieces.  Equip and place minions and structures to build your defenses.


Raid other player bases in asynchronous multiplayer.  Systemic 1st Person Melee Combat offers a variety of combat styles.



Get rewards for successful attacks and defenses.  Watch replays of attacks on your base by other players, then upgrade and redeploy your forces for the next battle!


Barbaria 1.3 - Age of Divine Favor Update

September 8, 2023

New Features:​

  • Boons: Boons are a new single use bonus item that players can equip on an attack. Eight Unique boon types grant various bonuses, such as a Boost to Shooting Damage, Boost to Imp attack damage, Boost to God power regeneration rate, etc.  A single boon can be used in each attack, and they will drop randomly from chests or be purchasable at Doug’s with in-game currency.

  • Achievements: 25 Unlockable Achievements now available on Quest!

  • Sell Items: At long last, you can now sell items at Doug’s Discount Deity

  • New Caps: Added 3 new caps to expand your realm building possibilities.

  • New Structures: Divine Juice Drain, Block Sabotage, Block Bamboozle, Rock

  • New Taunts: Two new taunts for all champions

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Item Stand Sorting: Added buttons on item stands to sort items by name, or by level to more quickly find what you need.

  • Prevent Krank’s bombs from disabling structures before he enters a fragment

  • Reduce Krank’s divine juice regeneration rate, and decrease the area of effect on bomb explosion.

  • Increase Throwing Axe damage

  • Increase damage for Imp and Skeleton Buff Structures

  • Fix player freeze when ally Cyclotaur smashes things

  • Fix Level 8 Imps

  • Fix Level number on Upgrade Realm tooltip

  • Fix attribute display on some defensive buff structures

  • Various other Performance and Bug fixes

Barbaria 1.2 - Age of Expression Update

July 14, 2023

New Features:​

  • Cosmetics and Customization: Take your champions and minions to the customization station to choose alternate outfits, skin tones, and pick your Taunts.  Unlock new skins for your statues.

  • Friendly Attack Replays: Carnage Carnival allows you to search for other players by name and attack their Realm or Playground in an unranked mode. These attacks now generate notifications and will send replays to those you attack.

  • New Item Type: Fragment Caps. Place fragment caps on unused connection points in your realm for extra piece placement possibilities.

  • Taunts:  Choose brief animated taunt for your champion to perform during replay notifications after successful attacks.

  • New Structures: Archery Boost, Melee Boost, Defense Boost, Speed Boost, Ruined Wall, Bait.

  • Look Ma, Both Hands! Equip weapons to left, right, or both hands on champions.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Added 2 more reinforcements slots for a total of 4.

  • Added Auto-deploy Reinforcements option (defaults to on)

  • Added “No Turn” Option for Quest players who want to physically turn only

  • 10min limit on 4 tile realms

  • Show affect radius around relevant structures

  • Max Fragment placement capacity per tile set to 24 (max level + 2 feasts)

  • Players can unlock 2 additional feasts for a total of 4

  • Fixed NPCs tending to ignore weapon racks

  • Fixed reinforcements getting respawned onto the stands after they die

  • Various bug fixes and polish improvements

Future Plans

  • New Structures

  • New Fragments

  • New Weapons

  • New Champions

  • New Stronghold Stations

  • More Customization Options

  • Balance Improvements

  • Pantheons (clans) and other social features

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