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Update History

Barbaria 1.4 The Brawns Age Update

November 16, 2023

New Features:​

  • Training at the Gym: Place a champion or minion on one of the workout stations in Bar-bell-baria to train and get temporary skill point boosts to your attack damage, defensive resistance, or divine juice recharge rate.  Training lasts through the end of the age. Everyone can train up to 3 times per age depending on how many of the 3 Gym areas are unlocked.

  • Character Naming and Stat Tracking: The Tower of Administration allows you to rename any of your champions or minions. Names will appear above their health bars in battle. Named characters will get their kill counts, battles participated, and battles won on both attack and defense recorded for posterity. See character stats by pulling up the info panel above characters, and find the Tower of Administration near the front ledge of the stronghold.

  • Brawns Age Reward: At the end of the age, a cosmetic statue will be rewarded based on how many total kills are made by the named minions and champions on your team. Only named champions and minions count towards this total, so get to the Tower of Administration, name some guys, and get to the battle!

  • Human Shielding: Grab Imps and hold them in front of you to block arrows, rocks, and weapon hits from others.

  • Pummeling: Held NPCs won't escape for 10s, giving you time to bash and do more damage to them before letting go.

  • Divine Crush: Press trigger to use divine juice when crushing power crystals to instantly crush it.

  • 3 New Boons: Bonus Elo, Bonus Currency, Bonus Loot

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Quest Resolution Increase and Dynamic Resolution: By using dynamic resolution, we are now able to increase our rendering resolution when gpu time allows giving a better view fidelity for most Quest gameplay. Dynamic resolution should also make performance more stable by scaling rendering down a bit during high draw situations.

  • Embedded arrows and throwing axes now dislodge and drop to the ground when hit.

  • Added Level icon and tooltip to capacity UI above fragments to help make more clear that fragments can also be upgraded.

  • Increase frequency of Symphony of Violence drops.

  • Fix allies stealing crystal from player.

  • Fix arrows bouncing off NPC archers.

  • Fix rare “invisible wall” on Skeleton spawner fragment.

  • Fix enemies not destroying cannon crystals.

Barbaria 1.3.1 Patch Update

October 10, 2023

Quest 3 Graphical Improvements:​

  • Realtime Shadows

  • Improved Character Rendering

  • Facial Animation

  • Improved Anti-aliasing

  • Improved Post processing

Barbaria 1.3 Age of Divine Favor Update

September 8, 2023

New Features:​

  • Boons: Boons are a new single use bonus item that players can equip on an attack. Eight Unique boon types grant various bonuses, such as a Boost to Shooting Damage, Boost to Imp attack damage, Boost to God power regeneration rate, etc.  A single boon can be used in each attack, and they will drop randomly from chests or be purchasable at Doug’s with in-game currency.

  • Achievements: 25 Unlockable Achievements now available on Quest!

  • Sell Items: At long last, you can now sell items at Doug’s Discount Deity

  • New Caps: Added 3 new caps to expand your realm building possibilities.

  • New Structures: Divine Juice Drain, Block Sabotage, Block Bamboozle, Rock

  • New Taunts: Two new taunts for all champions

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Item Stand Sorting: Added buttons on item stands to sort items by name, or by level to more quickly find what you need.

  • Prevent Krank’s bombs from disabling structures before he enters a fragment

  • Reduce Krank’s divine juice regeneration rate, and decrease the area of effect on bomb explosion.

  • Increase Throwing Axe damage

  • Increase damage for Imp and Skeleton Buff Structures

  • Fix player freeze when ally Cyclotaur smashes things

  • Fix Level 8 Imps

  • Fix Level number on Upgrade Realm tooltip

  • Fix attribute display on some defensive buff structures

  • Various other Performance and Bug fixes

Barbaria 1.2.2 Patch Update

August 18, 2023

Barbaria 1.2.2 Patch Notes:

  • Fix bug that allowed players to re-use their reinforcements under certain circumstances

Barbaria 1.2.1 Patch Update

August 18, 2023

Barbaria 1.2.1 Patch Notes:

  • Fix translation missing errors

  • Fix progression blockage on certain levels when using alternate skins

  • Fix Bar-bell-baria animations when using alternate skins

  • Fix fragment caps missing names and descriptions

  • Fix Reinforcements Tooltips

  • Fix a few rare crashes

Barbaria 1.2 Age of Expression Update

July 14, 2023

New Features:​

  • Cosmetics and Customization: Take your champions and minions to the customization station to choose alternate outfits, skin tones, and pick your Taunts.  Unlock new skins for your statues.

  • Friendly Attack Replays: Carnage Carnival allows you to search for other players by name and attack their Realm or Playground in an unranked mode. These attacks now generate notifications and will send replays to those you attack.

  • New Item Type: Fragment Caps. Place fragment caps on unused connection points in your realm for extra piece placement possibilities.

  • Taunts:  Choose brief animated taunt for your champion to perform during replay notifications after successful attacks.

  • New Structures: Archery Boost, Melee Boost, Defense Boost, Speed Boost, Ruined Wall, Bait.

  • Look Ma, Both Hands! Equip weapons to left, right, or both hands on champions.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Added 2 more reinforcements slots for a total of 4.

  • Added Auto-deploy Reinforcements option (defaults to on)

  • Added “No Turn” Option for Quest players who want to physically turn only

  • 10min limit on 4 tile realms

  • Show affect radius around relevant structures

  • Max Fragment placement capacity per tile set to 24 (max level + 2 feasts)

  • Players can unlock 2 additional feasts for a total of 4

  • Fixed NPCs tending to ignore weapon racks

  • Fixed reinforcements getting respawned onto the stands after they die

  • Various bug fixes and polish improvements

Barbaria 1.1 - Age of Retribution Update

May 12, 2023

New Features:​

  • Ages System: The First Age has ended, and the Age of Retribution has begun! Every few months, a new Age will dawn in Barbaria. Participants in each age will be rewarded with a statue for their participation, and trophies based on their Mightiness and Fortitude level at the end of the age. Your trophies will be displayed at the entrance of your Realm to show off your previous Mighty deeds to other players. Additionally, there will be a tiered soft reset on Mightiness and Fortitude scores each age, so prepare for lots of new attacks and be ready to prove yourself in the new age.

  • Revenge Attacks: When a player is attacked, their attacker’s realm becomes available on the map for a Revenge Attack. When a player takes revenge, the player they took revenge on gets a notification with a replay. During the Age of Retribution all Revenge attacks receive a currency bonus.

  • New Weapons: Divine Hammer, Axe of Retribution, Marauder’s Shield

  • New Fragment: Over Under

  • New Structures: Crystal Protector, Breakable Wall, Additional Weapon Racks

New AI Behaviors:

  • NPC Crystal Crushing: Ally minions will now crush crystals when there are no higher priority enemies that they can target.

  • NPCs advance to the next Fragment: Once a tile is cleared, NPCs will advance to the entrance of the next Fragment so they can enter along with the player.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Enemies jump to active tile when they get knocked off

  • Reduce Friendly fire damage from 20% to 10%

  • Reduce moving wall closed time from 10s to 6s

  • Add field of view marker lines for the cannon

  • Larger no-placement zone at entrances to prevent overload when walking onto fragments

  • Moving Walls now have a placement cost of 1

  • Increase Ancient Power recharge rate

  • Balance updates to Brick Oven Cannon, Imp Pride, Skeleton Pride, and Spawner structures.

  • Increase size of Cyclotaur placement radius and increase his run speed

  • Fix Cyclotaur helmet spawning at feet

  • Fix Cyclotaur ancient power color highlighting

  • Fix Cyclotaur ally and bamboozle indicators

  • Fix Cyclotaur and Gladiatrix arrow embeds

  • Fix minions with charged harvester getting stuck when there is no enemy

  • Fix non-attached floating crystals

  • Fix navigation on Four Spikes fragment

  • Fix items catching on fire in Stronghold when not in combat

  • Fix unbreakable fences

  • Fix arms getting frozen in front of player

  • Fix character movement when an NPC is standing on level above

  • Various other performance and polish improvements

Barbaria 1.0.3 Patch Update

March 10, 2023

1.0.3 Patch Notes:

  • Fix crash on long Endless mode Ancient Trial runs

  • Faster post-round replay processing times

  • Improve arrow nocking on the bow (wider distance check, relax look requirement)

  • Do not auto-equip bow if already holding something (when grabbing an arrow, you will no longer drop the weapon in your opposite hand. Opposite hand must be empty to equip bow.)

  • Show health bars from god mode when spell targetingImproved AI decision speed when entering a tile

  • Reduce memory usage for custom music

  • Increased Champion health ramp

  • Add 1 min extra time for 3 and 4 fragment realms

  • Fix drift/player champion getting pulled to a location bug

  • Fix structures placed at an angle on realms

  • Fix bug causing items to disappear sometimes in the Stronghold

  • Fix Quiver and Bags getting stuck on hands or equipped to hip instead of back

  • Fix skeleton bones getting offset sometimes

  • Fix player champion dying when not inhabited for a long period

  • Fix clouds and scenery pieces overlapping board in certain layouts

  • Fix enemies piling up on spring traps in Symphony of Violence

  • Fix NPCs walking through fences

  • Fix champions getting possessed while flying through the air

  • Fix torch not breaking in 1 hit

  • Fix ally indicator being inside Cyclotaur

  • Fix missing display attributes and level heads on sword

  • Fix crystal getting equipped to hip

  • Fix invisible reinforcements in replay

  • Fix disconnected tiles

Barbaria 1.0.2 Patch Update

February 23, 2023

1.0.2 Patch Notes:

  • Fix crash on long Endless mode Ancient Trial runs

  • Add “I’m Done” button on Endless mode

  • Fix replay corruption issue causing replays not to not show up or only play partially

  • Allow re-possessing a champion before the player’s shield goes away

  • Improve bow rotation to allow full turn around with bow

  • Balance Updates: Make meteor and heal spells more powerful, Increase Gladiatrix damage, a little less health and a little less structure disable time for Krank.

  • Make arrows embedded in the player fall out after a little time

  • Allow triggers to calibrate with Oculus controllers in addition to thumbstick press

  • Fix tile boundary colliders to prevent more statue overlaps

  • Kill inactive enemies far from board after a timeout

  • Disable Options menu while in combat (can always access from god mode or when there are no enemies around)

Barbaria 1.0.1 Patch Update

February 20, 2023

1.0.1 Patch Notes:

  • Fix statues being able to be placed over top of realms

  • Fix scenery spikes overlapping some realm layouts

  • Add “Auto Replays on Boot” toggle in Options Menu

  • Cap custom battle music tracks at 8

  • Block Krank disabling Deity Disruptor in Ring of Champions

  • Fix missing colliders on Boneyard

  • Increase champion health and damage ramp relative to enemies

Barbaria 1.0 Launch Update

February 9, 2023

New Features:​

  • New Champion: Krank – Krank’s “Overload” divine juice power creates an energy bomb that will temporarily disable enemy structures where it explodes.

  • New Minion: Cyclotaur – Half cyclops, half minotaur, totally into smashing things. Cyclotaurs move slowly, but packs a wallop and can destroy traps and moving walls.

  • New Weapon: Sword – Did we really make it all the way through early access without a sword? Slice and stab enemies with the pointy end.

  • Cross-play with Quest2 players

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Gladiatrix Recall now has energy pulse that knocks back nearby enemies

  • Carnival: Add Recent Players List

  • Fix Steam VR Guardian not showing up on Index

  • Endless Onslaught: Enemy wave difficulty can now increase past Level 5

  • Matchmaking: Realm options on the map now reset after each attack to use your most recent Mightiness score and get better matches.

  • Various performance and polish improvements


  • Replay Backwards Compatibility: In order to facilitate replay crossplay across platforms, we had to make a breaking change to our replay format.  We don’t block the ability to pull up old replays from the replay stations, but Early Access players will likely notice some connectors/structures out of place if going back to review previous conquests created with the Early Access builds.

  • Virtual Desktop: PCVR Players accessing the game through Virtual Desktop on a Quest headset may notice throw targeting and velocity issues if they turn their bodies during the initial boot flow and view recentering.  Hold down the Oculus button on your right controller for 3s to recenter your view through the Quest system after booting to the Stronghold to fix throw velocities.

Barbaria 0.9.7 Content Update

December 22, 2022

New Features:​

  • Carnage Carnival: New Stronghold station allows you to search for other players by name and attack their base in an unranked mode.

  • Playground: Ever wondered how many spring trap combos you can get? Create and save a Playground realm separate from your main ranked realm. Try other players’ Playgrounds by searching for them at Carnage Carnival.

  • Symphony of Violence: New shooting gallery reward level.

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Streamlined New Player Flow

  • Replays automatically play when ready

  • Added buttons to raise and lower the replay wartable for better mayhem viewing

  • Added “Slide on Attack” option toggle in options menu

  • Allow quitting from god-mode when playing Test My Base

  • Better matchmaking for early game players

  • Various performance and polish improvements

Note for PC Virtual Desktop users:

  • We have a known issue where boot up view re-centering isn't coming through on Virtual Desktop and can result in throw targeting and other velocity calculations being off. As a work around, once the game fully launches into the stronghold, hold down the Oculus button on your right Quest controller to re-center manually and that should fix things.

Barbaria Patch Update

November 9, 2022

  • Fix Skeletons and Shamans not taking enough damage from bombs

  • Fix freeze when using Harvester and picking up an arrow

  • Fix guys on Gym continuing their animation into the level

  • Fix double bomb damage

  • Fix friendly fire reduction for harvesters and bombs

  • Fix throwing axe upgrade progression

  • Fix spring traps not launching guys high enough

  • Skeletons take less damage from spike traps

  • Increased down time for moving walls by 50%

  • Add Bomb Bags and Throwing Axe bags to Ring of Champions and Endless Onslaught.

  • Added 1 extra minute when attacking Level 4 Realms (8 min total) - Increased Treasury max Violence to 3000 for Level 4 Realms

Barbaria 0.9.6 Content Update

November 3, 2022

​New Features:​

  • Rise N Grind: Unlock a new Stronghold station with daily challenges to complete and a workout gym for your minions.

  • New Weapon: Bomb Bag

  • New Weapon: Throwing Axe Bag

  • New Structure: Skeleton Pride - Boost all skeletons on fragment

  • New Tile: The Claw

  • Skies: Unlock different skies to customize your realm with a specific exterior and lighting

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Increased Champion health

  • Sticky snapping when placing structures and minions on your realm

  • Fix NPC arrows not getting proper damage level set

  • Fix some rare bugs with initial account creation causing black screens on launch

  • Fix NPCs throwing items into the floor when on different levels

  • Fix guys not running onto fragments when moving wall blocking desired path

  • Various performance optimizations and visual improvements

Barbaria Patch Update

September 20, 2022

  • Fix enemies aggressively attacking fences.

  • Fix for freeze introduced in last update.

  • Fix bugs in Endless Onslaught after playing for a long time.

  • Fix Gladiatrix Level 3 health.

  • Fix enemies getting stuck in walls in split level tile.

Barbaria Patch Update

August 31, 2022

  • Fix Harvester appearing too small in store

  • Fix Harvester not always working on The Mountain fragment

  • Fix getting kicked out to god mode immediately after possessing champion who is on fire

  • Fix Gladiatrix attributes not showing up

  • Fix some rare crashes

  • Fix bug with weapons collisions sometimes failing

  • Fix Endless Ancient Trial not actually being endless

  • Fix Reinforcements setup not getting saved in certain situations

  • Fix occasional post-round hang that required a restart

Barbaria 0.9.5 Content Update

August 27, 2022

  • New God Power: Sabotage - Temporarily disable structures within a range.

  • New God Power: Bamboozle - Temporarily fool an enemy into fighting for your team.

  • New Item: Harvester - Equips to back, allows minions to destroy power crystals. Destroying a crystal gives one charge that can be fired like a blaster.

  • New Feature: Reinforcements - When one of your allies dies during an attack you can put the Reinforcement Minion into battle.

  • New Feature: Ring of Champions - Survive against endless procedural enemies. Kill as many as you can. Weekly Leaderboard.

  • New Trial of the Ancients: Endless Onslaught

  • New Feature: Leaderboards - In game viewable leaderboards for Mightiness and Fortitude. Walk out on the plank in the stronghold to see Leaders and your personal rank.

  • New Fragment: Two Tunnels

Improvements and Fixes:

  • Balance: Increase Barbarian and Gladiatrix champion power ramp a bit.

  • Matchmaking: Make sure players on the high Mightiness/Fortitude range still get served to other players.

  • Matchmaking: Reduce Mightiness/Fortitude variability at higher score ranges.

  • Swap default calibrate buttons to “B” on Index instead of thumbsticks.

  • Minions pop up into the air when hit on the ground.

  • Fix inventory drops for Deity Disruptor, Imp Pride, and Marauder's Blade.

  • Fix object highlighting when grabbing structures off board.

  • New one-timer attack for Zealots and Barbarian when an enemy is tossed to them.

  • Backend: Unity Engine Update from 2019 to 2021

  • Performance: Jobify more systems and improve various performance

  • Performance: Pack assets together for faster hdd booting

  • Fix skybox ambient lighting when switching skyboxes

  • SSAO enabled on "Highest" graphics setting (for those with Mighty GPUs)

  • Various other bug fixes and polish improvements.

Barbaria 0.9.4 Content Update

July 11, 2022

New Features:

  • New Champion: Gladiatrix

  • New Structures: Imp Boost, Weapon Racks

  • 2 New Tiles

  • 5 New Statues

  • Champion Powers: Each champion now has a special power they can perform using their Divine Juice which refills over time. Unlocks after a few multiplayer wins.

  • Hammr: “Meathook” - Activate an unblockable punch to stagger enemies with shields and send them flying.

  • Gladiatrix: Weapon Recall - Activate while making a fist to recall the last weapon you threw!

Improvements and fixes:

  • Significantly reduced friendly fire damage

  • Player controlled characters no longer catch on fire (flames will not kick you out)

  • Extra time on larger bases: 3 tile bases get +1min to complete (6 minutes total), and 4 tile bases get +2 minutes (7 minutes total).

  • Embedded flaming arrows eventually burn up so NPCs won’t get stuck on fire forever

  • NPCs attack breakable fences\

  • More responsive body turning for wireless players

AI Improvements:

  • Ally NPCs try harder to avoid hitting the player

  • NPC shooters and throwers look for new targets and move locally to try to find better line of sight.

  • NPCs fan out when entering a tile

  • NPCs should move off a trap after getting hit by it

  • Use path distance instead of as the crow flies to prioritize NPC targets when appropriate


  • Make shields easier to break

  • Decrease Shaman health and damage

  • Shamans take damage when their own fireball is redirected at them

  • Durability adjustments

  • Block placement on connectors between tiles. Current placements unaffected.

Other Fixes and Improvements:

  • Show “New Inventory Coming Soon” message instead of empty slot in Store after purchase

  • Stop displaying store items that you cannot purchase because you are at item limits

  • Prevent grabbing characters and structures of of tiles on the upgrade station

  • Make tile connector grabbing easier

  • Improved arrow grabbing: Adjust grab position requirements to prevent unwanted arrow grabs

  • Increase end round time from 2s -> 4s

  • Matchmaking: Wait to pull new MP levels until after player’s Mightiness has updated so the new level’s will be more appropriate.

  • Fix Shamans not taking damage on meteor strike

  • Fix giant arrow floating in Stronghold.

  • Fix items discarded by player being destroyed upon reinhabit

  • Rumble when punching breakable wall

  • Fix guys doing extra melee attack after they kill a guy

  • Fix bug with Zealots getting stuck in throw ability

  • Fix Internet is Down message getting stuck on

  • Added default WMR controller bindings (tested on Samsung Odyssey)

  • Add instructions to check steam vr controller bindings if no controllers detected

  • Various other fixes and polish improvement

Barbaria 1.1.1 Patch Update

May 17, 2023

A Call to Restore your Realm!

Some of our recent balance changes affected the placement radius on tile entrances and some placement costs. Realms over capacity or with pieces in invalid locations will now be automatically removed, so if you haven’t updated your realm you may need to re-place structures or minions again.

Barbaria 1.1.1 Patch Notes:

  • Automatically remove overlapping pieces when a realm is built

  • Automatically remove pieces (lowest cost first) when tiles are over capacity

  • Increase Champion and Zealot piece placement cost to 4

  • Spawners only support 1 active minion at a time

  • Cyclotaur destroys spear traps in 1 hit

  • Fix level not completing after final tile is cleared

  • Fix missing text on first age statue

  • Fix errors when grabbing trophy from Age area

  • Fix Breakable Wall Structure making impassable areas

  • Fix Revenge attack ranking calculations

Barbaria 1.1.2 Patch Update

June 2, 2023

Barbaria 1.1.2 Patch Notes:

  • Expand placement area around unused fragment connections

  • Do not allow clearing a tile or ending an attack by bamboozling the last enemy

  • Improve Ranged AI's standing around doing nothing when they can't hit the target they want

  • Shorter spawner cooldown for Imp and Skeleton spawners

  • Reduce memory usage

  • Fix sword scale on weapon rack structure

  • Fix item levels on weapon racks

  • Fix info text size for Marauder’s Shield

Barbaria 0.9.3 Content Update

May 19, 2022

  • New Minion: Bones

  • New Structures: Boneyard, Moving Wall

  • New Fragment: Split Level

  • New Items: Statues! Decorate your Realm to inspire fear and envy in your opponents.

  • More shelf space for items

  • Currency drops in reward chests

  • Improved Match Making

  • Allow Trigger as well as A for select

  • Various bug fixes, balance, and performance improvements

  • Added Toggle to disable Turn Darkening in Options Menu. Press menu button on left-controller to access.

Barbaria 0.9.2 Early Access Release

March 30, 2022

  • Barbaria Initial Early Access release on Rift

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